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It is the result of the joint effort of food lovers and local producers transforming organic products of the best quality into unique culinary experiences.

we are

2 Crazy cooks trying to make a difference


We are 2 crazy lovers of cuisine and food who intend to put all their knowledge and talent into creating unique tailor-made experiences, loaded with value and much, much flavour.

We design Pop-up events, Catering, company or friend dinners and tailor-made events. But always with a sustainable approach that supports local producers and minimizes the use of plastic and food waste during the process.

To be understood quickly, we sell beautiful, delicious, low environmental impact and limited edition food.


It is estimated that by 2050 we will be about 9,000 million people living on this planet, it is not difficult to understand that we will need diets with reduced environmental impact.

Sustainable gastronomy
is "the system that provides healthy food to satisfy food needs, while maintaining balance in ecosystems."

Artisans, was born from the need to seek alternatives that transform our consumption into a quality, conscious and sustainable food system.
Knowing how much and when to cook allows us to better manage the waste, food waste and even the emissions that our project can generate.

We love going to the markets and buying only what is necessary.

Not more, not less!

Private sessions


From 35€ per person + IVA
Minimum 6 people

2 people from 100€ + IVA

Each session is directed by an Artisan who gives us his art, the result of years of learning and hours of practice to master the techniques that allow him to transform products of the best quality in delicious and beautiful food.

Best of all, it happens in the comfort of your home. Where you can elegantly drink a glass of cava while we take care of the banquet that will leave your guests speechless.

Nothing has happened here!
Don't worry. Once we are done, your kitchen will be shining clean.


Welcome to our gastronomic space !!!

Minimum 10 people
Maximum 30 people

Bored with the same old stuff?

Can't find a table for you and your 15 friends?

Dinner in our private space can be the perfect excuse to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, surprise party, company dinner, meeting with friends and any special event that you can think of and get out of the routine.

Our private, cozy and minimalist space is fully equipped and conditioned for That the experience is pleasant and that you do not have to worry about anything.

We also offer a variety of local wines and spirits selected by our head sommelier.

Some ideas for you:  

Wine tasting with bites specially designed for each wine and directed by our sommelier.
From 25€ per person + IVA

Sharing is living!
Dinner at family sharing starters and main, but yes, everyone their dessert. Wine included.
From 30€ per person + IVA

Welcome cocktail, 4-course tasting menu and organic wines.
From 40€ per person + IVA

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